Favorite sandwich
Capriotti’s large Italian originally from Wilmington, Delaware. and, yeah you can get vegan meats on it if ya like.

Heath Miller

FOUNDER // Brand strategy

From holding the creative reins of multi-billion-dollar brands to creating innovative designs for all customer contact points, Heath is well-versed in every aspect of marketing. He sparks emotional connections with a user-first approach, which leads to a clear vision for how to break through.

Favorite shape
Ice Cream Cone. I mean why wouldn’t it be?

Sarah Mai Miller


Sarah-Mai has her eyes on the details and a passion for dissecting and learning every aspect of our partners’ business needs in order to integrate successfully into each project – from inception to completion. She’s involved in every step of the process, ensuring that all deliverables are executed efficiently, on schedule, and with the utmost quality.

Favorite book
The one I wrote damn it.

Tim Casart

PARTNER // creative direction, copy

Tim has been with CHALK since 2011, defining brands and creating the experiences that bring them to life. By developing content strategies and copy that fully integrates with design, he delivers incisive results that drive audiences into action.

Favorite Sazarac
The Robey In Chicago, does it just right.

Jonathan Nielsen

PARTNER // creative direction, design

The design eye of our agency, Jonathan joined CHALK in 2016 and has built brand systems for Redbox and Express, among others, that deliver unique and emotional experiences that fluidly adapt to all media. Previously, he was at Gogo, responsible for building and upholding brand standards across all B2C and B2B touchpoints.

Favorite something
The something something like a thing that is something that is.

David Raymond

Digital Brand Strategy

A VETERAN OF CREATING DIGITAL EXPERIENCES, DAVE’S WORK IS INSPIRED YET FAMILIAR, EXCITING YET DELIBERATE, AND RELIABLY DELIVERS ON STRATEGIC BUSINESS GOALS. Dave’s broad knowledge and experience offers Gorilla clients a range of expertise including: brand identity/strategy, multi-channel and go-to-market campaigns, commerce and brand-forward site design and experiences, content planning and development, influencer campaigns, and much more.

The something something like a thing that is something that is.

Ryall Carroll

Consumer + Marketing research

Dr. Carroll (as he sometimes liked to be called) has presented his research at prominent academic conferences, including The Association for Consumer Research and Society for Consumer Psychology. He has taught Marketing at undergraduate, graduate, and executive levels across four continents. His talents have been recognized by St. John’s University with the Outstanding Service Award 2014-2015, Teaching Excellence Award 2012-2013, and Best Practice-Based Research Publication 2011-2012.